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France & Dom : France has the shape of a "hexagon". She locks into this face in 6 sides, plains, high mountains, less high mountains, trays, rivers, rivers, wide valleys, deep gorges, coast where the ocean has tides, coast where the sea is blue of azure, villages, towns, big cities and a capital which is one to her only all France.

Islands : Corse, Guadeloupe

Vietnam : a civilization and a culture very former, a profusion of historic vestiges. The scenes of the everyday life very colored cannot leave you indifferent. But Vietnam also offers famous landscapes : canals, rivers, delta, China sea and the other islands, green mountainous regions where the inhabitants live in houses on piles, without forgetting the famous brief terrace ricefields, all the charm of this beautiful country ! August 2002

Ho Chi Minh ville, delta of Mékong, Nha Trang, Hué, Hôi An, Hanoï, Mai Châu, Along bay, Cat Ba island...

Mexico pleases : it is true that this country fascinates. Who did not dream to approach the temple of the sun. To him only, this country concentrates a multitude of mayas and Aztec sites. But Mexico, it is also the evocation of names revolutionary as Zapata, festive immoderations, sombreroes, brilliant colonial cities without forgetting luxurious beaches. Here we are, the decoration is planted ! Juillet 2001

Mexico, San Cristobal de las casas, Agua azul, Palenque, Tulum, Chichen Itza, Mérida, Veracruz, Teotihuacan...

Burkina Faso : stay of theatrical cultural exchange with the town of Tikaré (kongoussi, leader place) in the province of Bam, in 150 km in the North of Ouagadougou. All this thanks to the support of the association Europe Exchanges, working for more than 20 years in this region. Without the help of Céline to theater to the Village, this project in partnership with the troop of PhénéOns would not have succeeded. This country will remain for ever engraved in our reports ! March 2003

Ouagadougou, Tikaré, Kongoussi, Rouko

Quebec : not far from States, a province still resists to the uncle Picsou, the hamburger and Cie.
We speak about French (with one " funny accent ") there. It is in Quebec, at our cousins of America ! The strong winter, cold and dry, until - 35 ° C, gives majestic and disproportionate landscapes at the same moment. Indeed hello our Quebecois friends !
February 1990

Montreal, Québec, Fjord of Saguenay, Tadoussac, Lake Saint Jean...

Greece : it is a very mountainous country, even if his mountains are called islands. Goats run among olive trees and wild fig trees. Rows of cypress raise themselves on hills to stop the wind. Orange trees and lemon trees grow on the most fertile lands. The sea is tourjours present in this country of navigators to the uncountable islands. Numerous valleys and small plains divide the country in so many regions the relative isolation of which explains the birth and the development of the autonomous cities. Aug 2001 ; sep & nov 2005
Athens; Central Greece, Thessalie, Péloponnèse, Ionian islands, Saroniques and Cyclades

Brazil : more than a country, a continent as 16 times France.
Brazil, a word which puts into verse with sun, carnival, football, music brief a certain unique joy of living, halfway Africa and halfway America. August 2003 & July 2013

Pipa, Recife, Olinda, Porto de Galinhas, Penedo, Praia do Forte, Salvadador de Bahia, Itaparica, Lencois, Rio de Janeiro...

Morocco : only Arabic country was opened at the same moment on the Atlantic Ocean and the Méditérranée, it obtains its independence in 1956. Most of the Moroccans are farmers or herdsmen. The Moroccan cities are very picturesque, especially in their former parts. Morocco is an authoritarian monarchy. King, who is at the same time "commander of the believers", is an almost crowned character. december 2003

Marrakech, Essaouira, "Atlas", Ouerzazate, Valleys : Dadès, Todgha, Drâa, désert of Merzouga (erg chebbi)...

New York : it is one of the most fascinating cities of the United States of America. It is THE city of all the dreams and the immoderation : his life quickly but also its contradictions. April 2004

Statue of the Liberté, Ellis Island, Broadway n° 1, Ground Zero, Wall Street, Brooklyn bridge, South Seaport, 34 th, Madison Square, Central Park, Avenue of the Americas, Broadway Avenue, Times Square, Empire State Building, O.N.U, Saint Patrick Cathedral, Chrysler Building, Grand Central Station, Chinatown, Little Italy, Greenwich Village, Soho...

South Africa : any new democracy, answers without any trouble the aspiration of those who look for the adventure close to the nature : National parks which abound in wild animals, in magnificent beaches convenient to the surfing without forgetting a population in search of contacts new as in Swaziland. August 2004 & February 2019

Pretoria, Johannesburg, Blyde River canyon, Kruger Park, Santa Lucia Estuary, Umfolozi Park, Zululand, Durban, Drakensberg...

Eswatini (ex Swaziland) : mountainous and green, Swaziland is a landlocked country, surrounded mainly by South Africa which he depends almost entirely. It also adjoins Mozambique. The national parks are more numerous for such a small country. Their interest comes at a time of discovery of animals but also the nature (bush, waterfalls). August, 2004 & February 2019

Mlilwane Park, Manzini, Pigg's Peak, Ezulwini Valley, Mbabane, Country and population

Indonesia : country of volcanoes, very formerly populated (because we found the skeleton there of " the man of Java", an old humanoid about 1,7 million years), the Indonesian islands are considered as the delicacy and the beauty of the inhabitants, their sophisticated culture : the poetry, the shadow theater, the dances and the singular customs of Bali. September, 2004

Bali : south, east, center, north, temples and ocean ; Java : Jakarta, Bromo, Yogyakarta...

Scotland : Country of legends where the ghosts hold a big place. It is also a part of the country of highlands and lakes (the monster of the log Ness hides, as it is said in one of them). The holidays, the men wear a kilt in tartan (tissue). Every clan has its tartan, with the sporan (scholarship) in skin) suspended in front of, and we dance in the sound of the bagpipe. March 1993

Edimburgh, Dundee, North-East Coast, Highlands, castles...

Egypt : the Egyptians invented the agriculture, the architecture, the art of the government and probably the monotheism. During 3000 years, the world took his sources to the springs of the Nile. Then, this valley was the mother of the arts, the weapons and the laws. Everywhere, wise and curious came to look in the hollow of this magic valley for the lessons of the priests and the builders. February, 2005

Cairo, Gizèh, Kheops, Sphinx, Aswan, Nil, Temples, Elephantine island, Luxor, Karnak...

Florida : the country of the "Sun" and its particularly clement climate in front of paradox of "Miami vice". Hundreds of km of white sand lined with coconut palms, with strings of islands, among which Key West and Key Largo, the most reappointed. The national park of Everglades with his fauna and its subtropical flora. His numerous amusement parks around Orlando... May, 2005

Miami, park of Everglades, Gulf of Mexico, the Keys, Key West, Orlando, Universal Studios & Adventure Island, Outleet Factory...

Lisbon... : pulled over the right bank of the estuary of the Tagus, that Portuguese nicknamed "the straw sea", because of its gold-coloured reflections, the Lusitanian capital looks like ocean door, sentinel advanced at the end of Europe. We understand easily that this strategic position was an ideal base in the maritime conquest of the world. But Lisbon is also a site of an incomparable beauty, sometimes puzzling. July, 2005

Portugal, Lisbon, Belém, Azulejo, Jeronimos, Océanorium, Cascais, Sintra, Cabo da Roca...

China : 3rd country of the world by its surface, it is the 1st country by the number of its inhabitants: + of a billion. China is an immense building site today. Work is done especially with the hand, determination of the peasants often replacing machines and tractors, the Chinese make themselves main of water. They are in majority 80 % the rural ones. The fields are cultivated in terraces to use all the place available. July 2005. Hong Kong August 2009 & 2017

Beijing and its monuments, wall of China, Guangxi, Yangshuo, Ping Year, ChengYang, Guizhou, Zhaoxing, XiJiang, Guiyang in 2005... and Hong Kong in 2009 & 2017

Thailand : like a scintillating jewel of 1000 fire, Thailand has a magic charm which is equalized by no other country of the Far East. Perhaps because country, who never knew colonization, did not see its traditions destroyed by the Western influences. It is a tropical country of jungles and mountains, virgin forests and plains green emerald, of khlong (channels) and rice plantations, immense statues of the Buddha and intact beaches.. August, 2005 and 2012

angkok, Ayutthaya, Kanchanaburi, Sukhothai, Pai, and the island of Koh Tao

Cabo Verde : with the crossroads of the 3 continents which frame the Atlantic Ocean, there is an obligatory stop in the middle of the ocean, the archipelago of Cape Verde. Located at 450 kilometers of the coast of Senegal, it is composed of 10 principal islands, including 9 occupied by the man. Of volcanic origin, Cabo Verde is composed of 2 types of distinct islands. Inhabited islands, located more at the west, are characterized by their mountainous landscapes, while the 3 others are characterized by their long sandy beaches. The capverdiens of the rural world are famous for their hospitality. Sept 2006

The islands : Sal, Sao Nicolau, Sao Vicente, Santo Antao, Boa Vista

Czech Republic and Prague : the capital of the Czech Republic is one of the most beautiful cities of Europe. Situated on the river Vltava, she is dominated by the palace Hradcany, the siege of the government. We see numerous baroque churches and the famous bridge Charles there, decorated with monumental statues. Feb 2007

Prague : All the districts, old and new town, Charles bridge, place of the Old town and the astronomical clock, Royal castle of Hradcany, Malà Strana, Jewish district of Josefov + Castle of Karlstejn

London / United Kingdom : built on the Thames, that steps famous Tower Bridge, and the other monuments luxurious as the Palace of Westminster and the Clock tower sheltering the famous carillon Big Ben. London thus abounds in churches, in original buildings, and offers a townscape full of charm. March 2007

London : City, the Palace, abbey and cathedral of Westminster, Houses of Parlement and Big Ben, cathedral Saint Paul, the Tower, the palace of Buckingham, Picadilly Circus, Soho, market from Cowind Garden, Madame Tussauds museum, Notting Hill...

Guadeloupe / Basse-Terre : incredible views overt the ocean, unforgettable hikes at the heart of a lush vegetation, discovering the remnants of the past, this is Basse-Terre with its famous volcano "la Soufrière". June 2007

Guadeloupe / Basse-Terre : Deshaies, Sainte Rose, Trois-Rivières, Capesterre Belle-Eau, waterfalls of Carbet, volcano "la Soufrière", Vieux-Fort, Basse-Terre city, Vieux-Habitants, Bouillante, road of Traversée, Pointe-Noire, Les Saintes

Madeira : Some part in the Atlantic Ocean, he exists a set of volcanic islands where the imagination becomes reality. Madeira is situated in approximately 1 000 km from Portugal and enjoys a particular climate the temperatures of which are clement all year round. The weather is thus convenient to the practice of the hike among others. October 2007

Madeira : Funchal and the south coast, north, et west, Curral das Freiras, Paul da Serra, pico Ruivo and pico do Ariero

Turkey : It is really a small continent. Of a continent, she has the unlimitedness, the specificity. But, at the same time, it is a bridge between two worlds vaster than her : the European world and celuii of the Middle East. Turkey, it is finally all the Mediterranean Sea and nevertheless one of its coast is not Mediterranean. May 2008

Turkey : Bodrum and its peninsula, Yalikavak, Gumusluk, Efes, Hierapolis, Pamukkale

Spain : It is one of countries the most visited to the world after France but it is the country which gathers in a big financial quantity of tourist origin thanks to an important purchasing power. Madrid is the capital of Spain. City the vastest and the most populated with the country. November 2008

New Castile & Castile Leon, Castile Manche, Community of Madrid, Madrid, San Lorenzo Escorial, Salamanca, Segovia, Toledo

Costa Rica : The country esf formed by chains of often active volcanoes. More half of her inhabitants live in the central Valley. Both coast is almost completely covered with swamp. The coast Caribbean is wetter than that of the Pacific. Near 4/5 of the country are covered with forests among which the biodiversity of the fauna and the flora is representative in the numerous national parks. Mars 2009

Central valley, Cartago, Orosi, volcano Irazu, coast the Caribs, the parks of Cahuita and Torguguero, the park of the volcano Arenal, Pacific Coast, park Carara, Quepos, park Manuel Antonio

Bruges : sharing with others the title of Venice of the North is a town in charm, a city outside of time in which to stroll. It is inflamed by the colors of autumn, ghostly in the fog or snow, bathed in the light spring that qu'envahie rather prefer the tourists this summer. May 2009

Historical city center, the canals, the Big'Place, the Belfry and halls, city hall and the Burg, churches, the Cathedral, Sainte-Anne quarter, the Beguinage, the God-houses, the Minnewater or Lake of Love, Hospital Saint-Jean, the Gruuthuse, windmills, the museum of traditions and folk arts ...

Australia : country across a continent with Queensland in the northeast, nicknamed "Sunshine State" which has the highest temperature of the country. Yet there are also ski in the Andes, the rainforest of Cape Tribulation north of Cairns, the bush or Ouback to the interior, the Whitsundays archipelago south of Townsville with Whitehaven Beach, the longest beach in the world of fine white sand and pure .. paradise at your toes. August 2009 & 2011

Queensland : Cairns, Atherton Tablelands, Outback, Cape Tribulation, Townsville, Magnetic island, Airlie beach, Whitsundays, Wallaman falls, Paluma range, Mission beach

Cambodia : since peace has become reality, local people calm now hosts many visitors to discover the temples of Angkor, the pearl of world tourism has resisted somehow fighting and looting Khmer at the end of last century. In addition to this treasure, travelers are offered other reasons to discover the country, which helps him to gradually make its place among the major destinations in South-Eastern Asia. March 2010 & August 2012

Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Angkor temples, Chong Kneas, Kampong Chhnang, Kampong Phluk

Western USA : the American West is primarily immensity. Both are excessive distances, such as large cities. But the Western U.S., this is also the diversity: diversity of landscapes and national parks, climates, but also people. That is why in the American West, in addition to U.S. (one English well deformed and different in different parts), we "hear the world". July 2010 & 2019

4 States : California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada. Los Angeles, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Death Valley, Yosemite park, Lake Powell, Zion park, Bryce Canyon, Las Vegas, San Francisco

Peninsular Malaysian : it almost touches the Equator and the highest peak is the Gunnung Tahan, 2164 m. Having a consistently warm climate and often wet, the territory is covered mostly by forests older than the Amazon. Country villages, jungles, vast white beaches, rice paddies, the peninsula is inhabited by a population of diverse backgrounds and varied. March 2011 & July 2018

Tioman island, Cameron Highlands, Taman Negara, Perhentian, Penang island & Georgetown, Langkawi island, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka

Singapore : near the Equator, this city-state known as the "Lion City" created in the nineteenth century by Sir Raffles, is located southeast of West Malaysia. Singapore consists of 55 islands, the main Singapore, 42 km long, is connected to the peninsula by road and rail overpass. Moreover, as Hong Kong, Singapore varies wish contrasts between tradition and modernity. The population is very dense. March 2011 & July 2018


Estonia : its entry into the European Union provides more visitors but it is not destined to become a country of strong tourism. The smallest of the Baltic states, however, has the attraction of the capital Tallinn, a medieval fortified town. We can extend the trip by the discovery of beautiful islands, forests and lakes, whose country is no exception. July 2011

Tallinn, Saaremaa island, Kuressaare...

Finland : hikers, skiers, environmentalists of all stripes, unite as this country is for you! Where humans have rarely been as lakes, forests and place, we can spend time summer with the added unique light of the midnight sun and a good sauna. Winter time or up-country skiing, reindeer sled or snowmobile. July 2011

Helsinki, Saimaa, Lappeenranta, Imatra...

Russia : the "country where it's never night" has in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg two jewels of world famous cities adorned with medieval architecture of the"Golden Ring". But the tourism potential of the country widens constant cruises on the Volga, walks around Lake Baikal, Kamchatka peninsula, pending the development of Siberia. July 2011

Saint-Petersburg, Tsarskoïe Selo palace...

Italy / Venice : its architectural heritage and Mediterranean coasts of Italy are worth to be a major tourist countries in the world. It offers something for everyone: the historic towns, beaches either very refined or very popular, landscapes laughing like Tuscany and active volcanoes such as Etna. Faced with such diversity in such a short distance, how to imagine a life without traveling through Italy. February 2012

Venice, Murano, carnaval 2012

Peru : the country offers a variety of unprecedented landscapes, coastal desert absolute, infinite trays of Altiplano, cordilières and gigantic canyons... Add quoted colonial magnificent and titanic constructions of disappeared civilizations: the decoration is planted! Go off to explore the country of "golden cities" on the meeting of the descendants of the Incas. July, 2012

Lima, Huacachina, Nazca, Arequipa, Colca canyon, nature reserve Salinas & Aguada Blanca, Puno, lake Titicaca Uros, Amantani, Taquile islands), Cuzco (Moray & the Salines), Ollantaytambo, Machu Picchu

Iceland : the origin of the island has had a decisive impact on its relief... and its tourism. As soon as you leave the coastal areas, there is more soul or almost, and nature takes its rights: geysers, bubbling hot water sulfur springs, waterfalls, glaciers, lakes and fjords. August 2013

Reykjavik, Kerlingarfjölll, Myvatn, Akureyri, Höfn, Skaftafell, Vestmann

Myanmar : the former Burma opens more and more the doors of tourism. Whether admiring gold-leafed pagodas along the Yangon-Bagan-Mandalay axis or keen on lake sites like Inle Lake, the traveler will find character and diversity in this great and beautiful country, so unusual, where the imprint of Buddhism punctuates the life of every day. July 2014

Mandalay, Irrawaddy, Bagan, Mont Popa, Kalaw, Pindaya, Inle lake, Yangon

Australia, Greece, Mexico, Vietnam, Brazil, New York, South Africa, Egypt, Florida, China & Hong Kong, Thailand, Venice, Western US, Iceland, Peru made for the young body of stay as director of Vacations center for children. Greece, Brasil, Myanmar, Hong Kong, Singapour, Malaysia, South Africa with Air France

Burkina Faso: made with Europe Exchanges (region of Rouen)

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